Light Up This Summer

The best memory from childhood that I have is of long, lazy Summer days spent in the garden.  The most magical time was when day turned into night and my parents would turn on the garden lanterns to see us through from dusk until bedtime.  What seemed like hundreds of tiny lanterns would light up amongst the trees and shrubs and attract the moths which would bathe in their light. 

Now that the idea of outdoor living is becoming more popular, there is more on offer than ever to decorate and light our gardens well into the evening.  When we do get those few balmy Summer nights, the last thing that we want to do it have to head inside as the sun goes down.  We need to think about how we can utilise our gardens in the evenings as well as during the day and this problem is easily solved with innovative garden lighting and garden decoration.

The orchard has many products specifically for this purpose such as their Hexagonal Lanterns which can be both freestanding as well as wall-hanging.  They also have a range of tea holders which are just perfect for stringing up to trees, pergolas and gazebos to create a magical night-time effect.  If you are looking for something to give your garden a bit of personality, look no further than their inspired handcrafted wooden mushrooms – definitely a little bit ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and perfect for Summer 2010!

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