The Ultimate in Elegance

Imagine the scene: a special meal for two, the dining table set with a stunning baroque candelabra, dripping with delicate crystals reflecting the worn paint of the French dresser in the corner.  In the hallway an ornate Bergere grandmother clock chimes gently and you rise from the gold gilt library chair to check on the oven.  You haven’t just stepped out of a Thomas Hardy novel, you’ve just been shopping for the fabulous reproduction French furniture which now graces your home!

Yes, we all deserve a little luxury in our lives and buying the real deal is not an option for many of us.  If you don’t happen to have had a windfall lately, it might just be worth popping down to your trusted furniture store and seeing what they have in the way of reproduction furniture.  There are many eras covered, depending on what style you wish to achieve in your home – Art Deco, Edwardian, Georgian…there is a style to suit everyone and French Reproduction Furniture takes opulence to another level.  It makes your reproduction piece look like it cost a fortune – the only person who has to know that it didn’t is you!

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