Get French with Your Shabby Chic Collection

Nothing says more French Shabby Chic than The Orchard’s ‘Pain et Croissants Bread Bin’. 

This gorgeous French inspired bread bin is just the most perfect addition to adorn your kitchen work surface.  It looks like the sort of thing you would find in a back-street in Paris which you stumble across when you veer off the beaten path.  Nobody will be able to tell how old is it so feel free to regale dinner guests with a fictitious story of a long lost French relative who has passed this wonderful piece down through generations – they will never be able to tell the difference!

Alongside this wonderful piece of French shabby chic you might want to add another of The Orchard’s pieces in the form of a carved French kitchen wall shelf.  It would look wonderfully authentic with an eclectic mix of oil bottles and spice jars but if the reality is that it ends up with unopened mail and the spare door key then so be it!  Choose pieces for your kitchen that are both functional and stylish in the style of French shabby chic and enjoy them for years to come.

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