Salvage Style!

Salvaged wood furniture is the perfect antidote in these times of recession – eco-aware in its recycling teamed with superb craftsmanship makes owning a piece an inspired choice.  Each piece of reclaimed wood furniture will have been made from wood anywhere up to hundreds of years old, making it a piece of history in itself.  Marks, indentations and holes only add to the charm of owning some of this fascinating furniture and are left as part of the piece rather than adding artificial fillers and altering its appearance.

This natural furniture is striking in its design as seen in The Orchards ‘Heart Hall Storage Bench’ – perfect for muddy wellies, schools bags and the everyday clutter that we all seem to accumulate in our hallways.  Or maybe the reclaimed wooden photo frames will catch your eye and adorn your walls.  Place a selection of them on a feature wall to create a focal point in a room of your choice – remember, each one is unique and nothing is mass produced so you can be sure of having a completely individual look in your home.  A larger piece of reclaimed wood furniture such as a dining table or garden bench will have the same effect of being completely personal to you – a totally bespoke piece that is an ethical purchase to boot!

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