The Shabby Chic Kitchen – Country Cosy or Cheap Chintz?

You’re going to fall into one of two camps when debating the idea of the shabby chic kitchen – is it country cool or just a load of collectable clutter?  I fall firmly in the former camp – shabby chic in your kitchen will make it feel more homely and add a touch of flair to make your home stand out from the crowd.

I was hooked when I saw a kitsch retro floral radio in the window of an old junk store a couple of years ago.  Still going strong and taking pride of place on the windowsill in my kitchen, just one look makes you feel like a 1940’s housewife, hair tied up in a scarf, cooking a meal for your tired husband to come home to – and I consider myself a feminist!  There’s something romantic about being transported back a few decades to a time when kitchen worktops were cluttered with oddments and a well-worn dresser stood obediently in the corner with a ready supply of mismatched floral crockery and the essential powder-blue matching salt and pepper shakers.

As much as I love being a working woman with barely enough time to grab my morning coffee let alone bake my own bread, there’s something reassuring about my radio and what it represents – a little piece of vintage va-va-voom in a time of modern-living overload.

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