Shabby Chic – More Chic than Shabby.

Imagine bedroom curtains blowing in the breeze, their crisp and cool shades intermingled with the pretty florals of the bedspread nearby.  Denim stripes decorate the window seat and downstairs a reclaimed timber dining table is adorned with a beautiful antique-looking tablecloth.  Welcome to the world of Shabby Chic where the distressed look is very much of the moment.

Gone are the clean cut lines and the need for everything to look brand new and we embrace the seemingly flawed appearance of the shabby chic look.  The trick is to make yourself and your home look as if very little effort has been made and that everything has an almost sentimental edge to it.  Think of a wardrobe with peeling painted corners showing a bit of wear and tear.  Imagine an antique-looking prom dress with an almost vintage feel.  Picture objects that make you feel like something has being handed down through generations and you are halfway there.

Sourcing shabby chic items can be as easy as popping along to your local market or charity shop.  You can try auction houses too to pick up a bargain.  Pieces may be missing the odd button or handle here and there which are easily replaced and, if the piece is not quite right, add your own touches as you see fit.  Your shabby chic addition – whether it be a new table or cardigan – should reflect your personality.  So, get hunting and find your own style today!

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