Permission for your Kitchen to get Shabby!

The minimalist kitchen with stainless steel gadgets and glass splash backs has had its day.  The urban kitchen has been done to death with butchers block islands and chrome accessories.  Let’s be honest – who has the time to rub down those counters with baby oil for a streak-free shine?  It’s time to get relaxed in your kitchen with the newest trend in home decor – the shabby chic kitchen.  Kitchen Dressers filled with vintage crockery, pastel-coloured cake stands displaying all manner of treats and homely touches such as ornamental book stands holding that speciality recipe that you’ve been making for years.  The shabby chic kitchen is built around comfort and the feeling of really being ‘at home’ in your surroundings.

They say that the kitchen is at the heart of the home but many of us are obsessed with clear work surfaces and the latest gadgets.  Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen preparing at least three meals each day, does it not make more sense to fill our kitchens with homely touches and items that make us smile when we look at them?  I can’t remember the last time that I looked at my state-of-the-art food processor and felt pure joy, but the battered retro picture hanging over the breakfast bar depicting a cow drinking a milkshake does it for me every time!  Every item within your home should be one of two things: useful or pretty.  Your food processor belongs in the former category, most shabby chic items fall into the latter and everything else needs to go straight in that charity bag!

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