Re design your garden for those sunny afternoons

QCPV93AVDCYD It felt like winter was never going to end this year. And while it was nice to curl up indoors to begin with, the weather did start to get a little restrictive.

But things are finally changing and slowly but surely, the sun is making an appearance. It’s much more pleasant waking up to sunshine and tweeting birds than it was to snow and grey skies.

And soon, you will be getting out in the garden to make the most of it.

There’s nothing better on a sunny evening or afternoon than sitting out in the garden and chatting with friends or simply reading a book. But for an even more pleasant experience, why not make a few changes to your outdoor area with some attractive shabby chic accessories?

You can make a real impact with these pieces of furniture and completely transform you garden into an elegant and charming space.

With a ceramic birdhouse hanging from your tree, you can create a really beautiful look. And by simply placing a reclaimed wooden garden trug in with your garden kit, you can create a really rustic feel.

It’s not difficult to make a difference to your garden. By simply adding accessories inspired by the French reproduction or shabby chic style, you can completely transform your outdoor space.

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