Shabby Chic wedding gift ideas

The great thing about the shabby chic style is that, as well as being incredibly in fashion at the moment, you can either decorate your whole house in this style or just add one or two feature pieces. It’s incredibly versatile, and you can usually find some brilliant gifts for the home in shabby chic.

This is the reason why shabby chic items and knick-knacks can be perfect wedding gifts; the bride and groom are just starting out life together and most likely, are sharing a new house as well. Don’t just give functional gifts; give tasteful and thoughtful gifts that can really add to the style of their new matrimonial home.

Here’s a couple of the best shabby chic wedding gifts you can go for:

• Wooden antiqued-style photo frame – A standing picture frame can be the perfect gift for a couple in love, especially if they may have baby photos to display at some point in the future! Choose a unique or vintage style to make your gift truly original.
• French reproduction wall clock – This vintage-styled wall clock can be perfect for use in the kitchen or hallway, adding a classic period look to any home. The recipients of this gift will be thrilled with the thought that’s gone into choosing it.

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