Vintage storage for the modern home

Most of us are constantly looking for extra storage space in our homes. Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or bathroom, space constraints can be a real nightmare.

The great news is that there are some extremely affordable storage accessories out there that can really complement a shabby chic home. Even if your home isn’t styled in a vintage way, these items can add a quirky and unique look, whilst helping you to keep your belongings in order.

Carved French furniture looks amazing when combined with shabby chic pieces- French wooden wall shelves look great in any room and can hold an endless range of items.

Tired of misplacing all that important mail? Then really go for chic and bag yourself a vintage style letter rack- the perfect addition to any hallway.

If you’re short on space on your bathroom, towel racks are great for holding all your clean towels, and can even be used for holding clean and ironed clothes in the bedroom.

Shabby chic and vintage storage is functional AND beautiful- making it the perfect addition to any home.

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