Home and garden design ideas and accessories

Replacing the furniture in your home for new can be quite expensive, so it is sometimes best to settle on a particular style you like and then buy a few items each month or so until you get the look you want. The furniture alone however does not have to define how the room looks.

Home accessories

With so many home accessories available we thought we would just mention a few of the better ways you can add that shabby chic look to your home without spending a fortune.

Replacement furniture knobs

Changing the knobs on your furniture can really make a difference to how your furniture looks. Adding ceramic knobs or glass or metal knobs can really spruce up that old dresser and tie the piece in with your other furniture items.

Vintage and reclaimed coat hooks

Instead of hanging your coat in a wardrobe or at the end of the staircase, why not buy a vintage styled set of coat hooks or even a reclaimed wood coat hook to tie your hallway design in with the rest of your house? Small design statements can have a big impact on your overall design.

Outdoor design and ornaments

Bring the inside of your home to the outdoors with a range of garden design elements that keep the flow of your design through your living and outdoor space. Adding French reproduction garden chairs or even aged ceramic garden tables can achieve the look you want in a really cost effective way.

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