The trend for shabby chic furniture

There is a strong fashion at the moment for ‘shabby chic’ furniture. Shabby chic is a style that incorporates strong design with rural French style to give a timeless, distinctive look to a home.

Wardrobes and dressing tables

You can find shabby chic wardrobes and dressing tables in all manner of different colours and styles. White is probably the most common colour as it is synonymous with this French style.

Lighting is a crucial part of creating the shabby chic look. You should be looking for chandeliers and table lamps. Chandeliers can be relatively simple or wildly extravagant, while judicious use of lamps creates a different lighting effect in the room that complements the rest of the furniture.

Mirrors are vital to this particular form of décor. An aged oak mirror would be appropriate, as would a more ornate chateau style mirror. You can also get full length antique cheval mirrors which make all the difference to the look of a room.

It’s the small touches that make all the difference. Candelabras, chalk boards and clocks complete the shabby chic effect.

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