Enjoy the shabby chic look this winter

There is no better time of year to make the most of the shabby chic look. This romantic, traditional and elegant style of furniture is absolutely ideal for those ice cold evenings when all you want to do is snuggle up next to the fire and get warm.

The classic look that the shabby chic furniture can achieve fits perfectly with the traditional English home. With just a few photo frames, mirrors and home accessories you can really add a strong shabby chic feel to your room. But if you want to create a really dramatic look, then a set of drawers, some chairs and a book shelf can completely transform your interiors as well as the atmosphere in your room.

And this Christmas time, you can make this shabby chic image much more romantic and traditional by adding some beautiful Christmas decorations.

These days, the shops are filled with tacky, brightly coloured, lit up decorations. But wouldn’t it be nice to get the traditional decorations back?

By adding a wreath to your door, some felt and padded tree decorations and a vintage Christmas stocking to your fireplace, you can really make your decorations add to the shabby chic feel that you have achieved in your room.

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