Update your Christmas decorations this festive season

Are you sick and tired of dragging the same old Christmas decorations out of the loft every year? If you are, then you’re not alone! Many people are choosing to give their decorations a makeover and opt for an even more traditional approach.

Shabby chic Christmas decorations are the perfect way of giving your home a whole new seasonal look. Bright tinsel and coloured lights are replaced by wooden hearts and padded tree decorations.
If you’ve been considering giving your home a shabby chic look, but unsure of whether you’d like it or not, then Christmas is the perfect time to temporarily try it out.

Adorn your front door with a traditional and welcoming wreath- rustic autumnal fruits and berry wreaths look great with wooden doors and are sure to have the carol singers knocking.

Stocking advent calendars are a fantastic alternative to traditional chocolate calendars, and are particularly great if you have children- as you can fill the stockings with their favourite treats or small toys.

Get yourself in the Christmas spirit with shabby chic decorations this year, and achieve a look that will be the envy of all your friends and family.

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