Pay attention to detail with vintage knobs, hooks and pulls

When decorating your home, you obviously prioritise large tasks such as painting walls or laying flooring but after this is done, you then need to think about the little details that will make your home unique and personal. Small items such as door and drawer knobs and coat hooks can make a lot of difference if chosen carefully; they can turn your home from a featureless, unimaginative space into a personalised and stimulating environment.

In order to do this, you should opt for vintage styles which have that sophisticated element of ‘shabby chic’:

Hooks are available in a staggering variety of different styles and designs. They can be elegant and delicate to suit a bedroom or bathroom environment; where flower designs are incorporated with crystal, gold or ceramics for that hand-crafted vintage look, or they can be sturdy and rustic for the purpose of hanging coats in a hallway. The latter variety is the perfect way to get that ‘shabby chic’ look for your home, as they are often made from reclaimed materials such as wood which have that hard-to-find, genuinely rustic appeal.

Door and drawer knobs
Knobs for drawers and doors can be just as elegant and interesting. For drawers, delicate ceramic flowers can be used for your bedside drawers, whilst square cut glass knobs will provide that clean and stylish look for your bathroom.

Door knobs are a little different; they can be very unique and individual in order to reflect your own personal tastes. You can choose a front door knob with an intricate style in any number of materials, to make that perfect first impression on visitors.

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