Decorating your garden with ornate ornaments

Whilst furnishing the interior of your home is important to make it a comfortable yet practical home to live in. It is equally as important to think about furnishing your garden and breathing some new life into what is normally a long strip of grass with a bit of a patio.

You don’t have to spend a fortune and hire yourself a garden designer to transform your outdoor space. All you need is a little imagination. Transforming a garden in regards of new planting schemes and adding some decking can take time but there are small things that you can do which make a big difference.

Why not encourage some wildlife into your garden using a birdfeeder or bird bath. Items such as a heart shaped ceramic bird bath would look stunning near to your rust hanging heart bird feeder. To tempt the birds to want to stay in your garden and raise their chicks why not install a bird box on a fence (high enough so the cat can’t get at it), or on the side of your house. Bird boxes come in all shapes and sizes from a typically white wood bird house to a little more extravagant coconut nest bird box.

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