Buying reproductive furniture for your home

Buying period features for your home can be a costly exercise, especially if you are looking for pieces which are truly authentic. However, there are many pieces of furniture which are reproductive and styled in the design of a variety of different periods. Whether you are looking for a French farmhouse design or something in a New England style, there is something to suit your taste and achieve the look you are after in your home.

Often to achieve a rustic and authentic look, the wood and materials used to produce the furniture are distressed using a variety of paint techniques and methods. This ensures that the furniture looks truly original when placed in your home. A French country dresser would not look out of place in your farmhouse style kitchen and would be a great location to house your dinnerware set

However, if you are looking for something more regal, why not try gold gilt furniture. It has been decorated with gold gilt with specialist fabrics used so that the piece would not look out of place in a royal palace as well as in your home. Use a gold gilt chair as a decorative piece in your bedroom or a vintage embellished gold mirror in your hallway.

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