The perfect shabby chic bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect area to really go to town with the shabby chic design. With so many accessories available, it is easy to create the shabby chic feel with just a few items.

Candles: Nothing says charm, warmth and romance better than a candle or two. And tea lights are the most romantic and twinkly of them all. There are several ways to incorporate tea lights into your bedroom. From rustic hanging mini hearts to hold tea lights, to a rustic tea light chandelier, you can create a truly romantic, atmosphere in your very own room.

Bedside cabinets: The bedside cabinet is often used to store all your important trinkets and possessions. So why not ensure that they are stored somewhere stylish and opt for an elegant shabby chic cabinet, finished in an antique white paint. You can find plenty of cabinets inspired by the elegance of the French Bergere era and these are ideal for creating the right look in your room. You can even get a chest of drawers to match East Inflatable Rentals.

Mirror: To complete the look of the room, choose an antique style mirror. These ornate designs can create a real focal point in the room You can either opt for a hanging mirror or a free standing one. Either one is sure to draw attention to your room.

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