Shabby chic accessories can transform your room

It’s a style that more and more people are slowly discovering. The shabby chic look is one that is easily created but that has a maximum impact.

Even just the odd shabby chic piece of furniture can create a completely new look to a room and can achieve a romantic and bohemian atmosphere.

Something as simple as a mirror can completely transform your room. The elegant and sophisticated shabby chic design can create a real focus point to any room, whilst adding style and romance at the same time.

There are hundreds of accessories to choose from in the shabby chic range. Even small changes such as door handles and hooks can really bring a room to life. That tired old wardrobe suddenly looks styled and vintage rather than just battered and worn.

Adding little touches around a room can also really help to add to its style. So for example, if you choose vases, bowls, pots and other accessories in the shabby chic style, the look that can be achieved is really impressive.

The great thing about shabby chic furniture is that it doesn’t need to be perfectly matched. You can buy pieces of different designs and themes and because of the shabby chic style, you will know that they will look good together.

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