Garden accessories and seating

If you have managed to create a shabby chic feel to your home by adding key items in appropriate locations, then why consign the look to just indoors? There are many fantastic internet stores where you can pick up fantastic ideas to decorate your garden. From elegant seating to vintage ceramic planters you will not be disappointed by the choice.

Outdoor accessories such as garden chairs, tables and benches can really add that chic look to your outside space. Choosing a Parisian style aged ceramic iron table with complementing chairs will add an element of the longed for cafe culture to a discreet corner of your garden, or adding an aged ceramic iron garden bench underneath that old oak tree at the end of your garden will give the area somewhere to sit so you can view the garden from a different angle.

If you already have garden furniture, why not add some d├ęcor to your garden with some shabby chic bird feeders or planters to give some age to your new garden. Or perhaps, add some candle holders that can be suspended from the trees in your garden to create a magical atmosphere for drinks at dusk.

Whatever you decide, adding style to your garden is always going to improve your outdoor space and of course complement your home.

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