Home Accessories for Affordable Home Design

Home Accessories for Affordable Home Design

Forget expensive, epic interior design statements – personalised home accessories are all the rage.

The credit crunch has inspired a new trend in interior design – a breed of designer Scrooges is taking the design world by storm –  so called because they have embraced the recession and turned to a new way of expressing personal style in the home. It’s a method that doesn’t involve ludicrously priced home accessories and furniture that’s out of the ordinary Joe’s price range. In fact, ‘recession chic’ has inspired more creatively clued up home owners to turn to the shabby chic look that’s long been loved by bohemians.

Home Accessories – A Personal Statement

In an age of mass marketed goods and bland design, the small, personal touch expressed with well chosen home accessories has made a big comeback. Rather than mass produced prints on the wall, home owners are making their own art, buying bespoke home accessories and using personal photographs – whether they be loving family portraits, quirky shots of their pets, or landscape shots of places that are close to their heart. By opting for affordable home accessories, such as stunning photo frames and mirrors, there is more room for personal expression and unique design.

Quirky Style? Express Yourself Without Breaking the Bank

Personal style doesn’t have to indicate home accessories that are out of your price range. You can achieve beautiful interiors without having to refinance your home. By investing in bespoke and thought through home accessories you can achieve a personal and quirky style that won’t break the bank. Choosing bespoke home accessories is the perfect solution for home owners who don’t have the big bank balance. Home accessories can inject vitality and character to any house and be a direct expression of your style and identity.

Home Accessories Add the Personal Touch

For affordable interior design that can be updated and changed according to your moods, home accessories are the perfect flexible and affordable answer. The practically penniless can invest in some beautiful scatter cushions, elegant photo frames, charming candle holders, baroque door knobs or an antique-style ceramic vase.  It’s the small home accessories and personal touches that really make a house a home, helping you create and express your personal style. Fresh flowers can add charm and warmth to any room – give your home a little TLC and you’ll soon feel that there really is no place like home.

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