Home Accessories – The Finishing Touch

Home Accessories – The Finishing Touch

Decorating your bedroom? Looking for home accessories to finish off your hallway?

Whether you’re renovating your home from top to bottom, or taking it one room at a time, it’s often the finishing touches that make a place special. Home accessories with a difference are the perfect way to accent your style or give your room a touch of class.

Choosing Home Accessories

The home accessories you choose can lift your room from a “normal” room to something completely different. You don’t have to fill your home with bits and pieces, but a couple of well-chosen items can give your décor personality and the “wow” factor you’ve been looking for. Home accessories vary from large ornate mirrors to small hanging heart shapes, and seeing what’s available can help you to decide what will work in your home. Some suggestions include:

Bowls and vases – sitting on a coffee table, a console table, windowsill or fireplace, there’s always room in your home for a stylish bowl or pretty vase. Filled with flowers, fruit, stones and shells, pot pourri or simply empty so that you can admire the shape and style, these home accessories create warmth in your room. Use colours and materials that work with your décor – shiny surfaces and sparkling glass are great for modern rooms, whilst beautiful wood and china work well in traditional settings.

Photo frames – we all love to display pictures of ourselves, our children and the places we’ve visited. Make the most of your photos by choosing stunning frames that will really give your room a lift. Whether you choose a set of frames that you can hang on the wall, or stand-alone frames for your fireplace or the top of the piano, you can make a real feature of your personal photos with an eclectic range of frames in different styles, colours and finishes.

Cushions – if you’ve gone for neutral tones when it comes to your walls and furniture, using cushions can help to add a splash of colour – just enough to set off the calm atmosphere you’ve created. There are so many styles, shapes and designs of cushions, bolsters, floor cushions and more that you should be able to find something that works beautifully in your room. Cushions give practical comfort as well as adding a little bit of luxury to your home.

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