Shabby Chic in the Bedroom – For a Romantic Boudoir

Shabby Chic in the Bedroom – For a Romantic Boudoir

Your bedroom can be transformed from a functional space into the deliciously charming, sensuous room you deserve – Shabby chic in the bedroom is affordable style.

Shabby chic in the bedroom is a look many interior designers aspire to. Shabby chic creates charm, character and a bohemian individuality. And shabby chic in the bedroom works because it injects the room with a lived in, antique charm – with the right shabby chic furniture, baroque accessories and small, considered touches, you can create a sensuous bedroom that oozes style.

Shabby Chic in the Bedroom

If you long for antique charm without the price tag, shabby chic furniture or shabby chic accessories can create an ornate look without breaking the bank.  Even if you can’t afford a vintage dressing table, choosing the right shabby chic accessories in your bedroom can be enough.

Consider small touches such as the vintage double hook with corsage flowers – the perfect place to hang your dressing gown. With matching wall hooks and a vintage candelabra you can bring shabby chic into the bedroom, ensuring your room oozes feminine glamour.

To really make a style statement using shabby chic in the bedroom, invest in a metal dressmakers mannequin or tailor’s dummy with a distressed paint finish – the ultimate fashion-lovers’ accessory.

Vintage Shabby Chic

If you really want furniture that makes a statement and transforms a functional bedroom into an aesthetic, sensual delight, consider investing in a vintage dressing table and table mirror with corsage flowers – your bedroom will be simply too glamorous to leave. Shabby chic in the bedroom is more than stylish and bohemian, it’s romantic and classy. Whether you are mixing chic baroque carriage clocks alongside elegant French cabinets, with full length gilt mirrors, your bedroom shouldn’t be dull, bland or soulless. After all, your bedroom is where you go to retreat from the day-to-day grind – it should be a sensuous haven.

Inject a Little Glamour

If you’re limited with space, consider a gorgeous shabby chic bedside cabinet in antique white paint, a few baroque photo frames on your wall and a black leafy shabby chic French antique-style chandelier – small touches that won’t take up room but will inject instant glamour, style and class. Once you’ve got the fixtures, fittings and furniture right, consider touch, smell and sound in your bedroom – silky bedspreads, fluffy pillows and faux fur throws all add luxurious comfort. Plush rugs, scented candles and fresh flowers can all help create the beautiful, indulgent room you deserve.

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