French reproduction furniture can give your room the ‘wow’ factor

French reproduction furniture has seen resurgence in popularity over the last few years. People have started to veer away from the dull characterless types of furniture that once graced every home improvement department store.

French furniture can add an element of sophistication to your home, and with many different types of styles on offer including classic, traditional and French country you can stylise every room to create a fluid feel when moving from room to room.

A French country kitchen theme is an excellent idea and you can match rustic sideboards with beautifully crafted dining tables and chairs to create a wonderful atmosphere. With the addition of a select few accessories the whole feel of the room can be uplifted. Hanging the right matching mirror or replacing the knobs on your kitchen cupboards and doors can really make a difference. A statement centre piece on the dining table like a beautiful Baroque candelabrum can immediately add that wow factor.

If you want to carry the theme outside, there is also a range of beautiful garden furniture that is designed to complement your interior French furniture. Antique metal furniture can be combined with vintage ceramics and an eclectic array of garden décor ideas to make the space you have feel elegant and chic.

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